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Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya (in Russian)
Agricultural Biology (in English)



  • The journal publishes the reviews, problem and discussion articles equally with experimental reports in genetics, breeding, pests and diseases protection, molecular biology, gene and cell technologies, nanotechnologies, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, radiobiology, immunity, ecology, ethology etc. concerning agricultural plants, animals and microorganisms.
  • Manuscripts must be sent, with a cover letter and the authors’ guarantee (both signed and scanned to pdf files), to as Microsoft World *.doc or *.rtf files for texts, tables, figure legends, simple black-and-white diagrams, schemes and graphics, and as *.tiff (CMYC only), *.jpg (CMYC only) or *.cdr files (CMYC only) for color pictures and photographs (1200 dpi is needed for all line art, 600 dpi for images that combine line art with photographs/halftones, and 300 dpi for color or grayscale photographic images). In covering letter signed by all the authors their consent must be confirmed that publication is allowed for distribution by Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya [Abricultural Biology] both in paper and electronic formats and by subscriptions
  • The authors are not notified of the manuscript receipt.
  • Manuscripts are represented in Russian and in English. In case the manuscript is in English only it will be additionally send to author(s) for confirmation after translation to Russian.
  • An experimental article must consist of a brief review on the problem, the goal of investigation, methods, results, conclusions, the list of cited references and the abstract. The manuscript is to be not more than 18-22 pages for reviews, 12-17 pages for experimental articles. Abstract must contain at least 250-300 words and comprise all sections of the article.
  • For experimental article, 3 illustrations and 3 tables at most can be used. Figures are provided with all necessary digital and letter designations with their explanations in the figure caption.
  • To avoid errors clearly uppercase (capital) and lowercase letters, as well as upper and lower indices should be used in formulas. For abbreviations used, the explanations must be given (i.e. species in Latin, chemical reagents, preparations etc.).
  • In case the above requirements are not observed the manuscript is not approved for consideration by Editorial Board and experts.
  • The date when the last revised manuscript comes in is considered a final date of its receiving. Positive reviews by experts may be sent to authors under their request.
  • The issue is distributed by subscription only. A copy of the journal with published article or reprints are not sent to authors. Author's emoluments and royalties are not paid. The manuscripts are not sent back.

  • For the further details please see Editorial policies