The SEL’SKOKHOZYAISTVENNAYA BIOLOGIA [Agricultural Biology] ISSN 0131-6397 (Russian ed. Print), ISSN 2313-4836 (Russian ed. Online), Agricultural Вiology ISSN 2412-0324 (English ed. Online) published since 2015, is the only All-Russian scholarly journal intended completely to classical and modern biology of agricultural plants, animals, microorganisms, i.e. their improvement, maintenance and effective usage with minimal adverse impact on the environment.


For citation, please use:
Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya (in Russian)
Agricultural Biology (in English)


The Agricultural Biology journal as a winner is supported by Special Federal Program for the development of scientific journals.

Since 2015, volume numbering suspended from 1983 to 2014 according to national publishing standards has been resumed.

It is inscribed in the Index of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions in Russian Federation which publish the main results of Ph.D. thesis and thesis for a Doctor's degree (on agronomy, forestry, zootechnical and veterinary specialties and, since 2007, on biological sciences).

Publications have the admittedly high scientific level and reflect the main problems and effects of agricultural elaborations in Russia nowadays, resulting in increasing number of our subscribers both in Russia and abroad, i.e. in CIS countries, Brazil, Grate Britain, Germany, Spain, China, Swiss, Japan etc.

Since 1989, №№ 1, 3 and 5 (February, June and October, respectively) encompass mostly the plant biology, and №№ 2, 4 and 6 (April, August and December, respectively) reflect the problems of animal biology.

Embargo periods for articles published in Russian are decreased to not more than 2-4 months after hard copy publication. After the embargo expiration the full texts in Russian are free accessed on our website. The full texts in English, when ready, are free accessed upon publication on our website without embargo period according to Attribution 4.0 Unported (CC BY 4.0) License as state at The author(s) are allowed to hold the copyright without restrictions.

To subscribe, contact us or our partners: Agency for Foreign Issues Distribution — ARZI (Russia), UralPress (Russia) and MK-PERIODICA (Russia).


In 2016 the number of page views for the month reached 9.5-10.5 thousand.

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